Try this perfectly picked Rose Selection by WINEDIMENSIONS. You don't need to worry about choosing the appropiate wines as we have picked them for You with care to be perfect for any occasion. The only thing You need to do is: See, Smell and Taste them... The selection includes the following: Pinot Grigio Rosato del Veneto: Pinot Grigio is neither dark or light skinned (actually somewhere in between); as such it lends itself well to the production of pink wines. Just off-dry with delicious peach and strawberry flavours, this fashionable combination of colour and grape is a good choice for many wine lists. Beautifully presented in a tall, clear Bordeaux shaped bottle. Vendange White Zinfandel, California, A medium-sweet rosé made using Zinfandel grapes from the North Central Valley. Allowed only a short maceration on the skins to impart the beautiful salmon-pink colour and then cool-fermented to retain freshness and acidity. Belvino Pinot Grigio Rosato delle Venezie: A delicate pink wine full of fresh, summer-fruit aromas and flavours. Made using pink-skinned Pinot Grigio grapes from the Venezie wine region. The wine is cool-fermented in stainless steel after a brief maceration on the skins to extract sufficient colour. Antonio Rubini Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie: A copper, or 'ramato', coloured rosé made from Pinot Grigio grapes grown in north-east Italy. The nose shows aromas of wild flowers, vanilla and strawberry; the palate is refreshing with delicate fruit flavours. Parini Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie: Soft, coppery-pink colour; delicate and fruity bouquet; soft and fresh on the palate. Wicked Lady White Zinfandel, California: Medium-sweet rosé made using Zinfandel grapes from warm Californian vineyards. The juice from the crushed grapes spends a short time in contact with the skins which gives the wine a salmon-pink colour. Shows red-fruits on the rich, juicy palate.




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