Picpoul Wine Selection

Picpoul Wine Selection


Try this perfectly picked Picpoul Wine Selection by WINEDIMENSIONS. You don't need to worry about choosing the appropiate wines as we have picked them for You with care to be perfect for any occasion. The only thing You need to do is: See, Smell and Taste them... The selection includes the following: Picpoul de Pinet, Réserve Mirou - The Picpoul grape has been grown around the sleepy village of Pinet, close to the Mediterranean coast, for centuries. Surprisingly bright and fresh for a wine produced in such a warm clime, it’s rather like a fuller bodied Muscadet with plenty of citrussy fruit: as such it makes for a good food wine and is particularly good with seafood. Picpoul de Pinet, Les Girelles, Jean-Luc Colombo The village of Pinet is built on a limestone plateau just a few miles from the Mediterranean and the port of Sète, close to the region's famed oyster beds. The Picpoul grapes are grown around the village and surrounded by pine forests. A rich, mouth-filling wine with notes of fresh flowers and ripe summer stone fruit and melon. Picpoul de Pinet, Petite Ronde Picpoul is one of the oldest indigenous grapes of the Languedoc region; its use recorded in the 17th century. Today it is most famous for the wines produced around the village of Pinet, which is close to the coast, just west of Sète. Unoaked the wine shows a good level of freshness for a wine from such a warm climate, with a citrussy and stone fruit character highlighted with floral notes.




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