Picpoul de Pinet, Petite Ronde

Picpoul de Pinet, Petite Ronde

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Picpoul is one of the oldest indigenous grapes of the Languedoc region; its use recorded in the 17th century. Today it is most famous for the wines produced around the village of Pinet, which is close to the coast, just west of Sète. Unoaked the wine shows a good level of freshness for a wine from such a warm climate, with a citrussy and stone fruit character highlighted with floral notes.


  • Type: White
  • Country: France
  • Region: France
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Producer: Petite Ronde
  • Primary grape: Picpoul
  • Bottle size: 75cl



Dry, refreshing, delicate, light whites

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This wonderful white wine by Petite Ronde is made in the Pinet area of Languedoc-Roussillon. This wine is exclusive to Matthew Clark so you won't find it at multiple retailers. Available in 75cl bottles, imported by LGI (Viticulteurs de L'Union). Petite Ronde Petite Ronde Picpoul de Pinet is an interesting wine, made from Caladoc grapes. This screwcap wine is created with added sulphites. The wine is one of a growing number in our list that can be enjoyed by vegan drinkers. Citrussy, with delicious ripe fruit, great with fish and other seafood dishes.




Picpoul grapes produce a full-bodied white wines with herbal and citrus aromas. Its also get a soft taste and delicate nose with pleasant traits of acacia, hawthorn blossom.




  • Citrus Blossom
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon
  • Saline
  • Thyme